Brie Pourri is the leader of the Space Police in Bena Rikashi. She joined trying to follow in the footsteps of her father, General Knucklestorm.


Brie is first seen in the Space Police HQ behind the Gren Security desk. She pretends to be sympathetic and then tells the player to speak with public relations.

Her next encounter with the player is in Honey Mint White Caramel Fudgeflake with Melty Butter and Syrup and Whipped Cream on Top, where she grabs Chai and flies off with him, leaving the player to battle Lieutenant Mugwort.

Later in the game, she battles the player in the Couscous Ruins. Afterwards, she is caught in Odd Beetle's clutches and apparently killed by it. After the battle, General Knucklestorm mourns Brie's death along with the party. To their amazement, the Wind Millennium Gummy revives Brie.

Once the player makes it to Shadra, she and General Knucklestorm help fight off enigmas and enable the player to move on to Chromagar Cave, where the real battle awaits.


Brie battles you at the midpoint of the Couscous Ruins, to keep you from going any farther. The quirk she has during battle is Cyclone Waltz, which flings a teamate in the air for a certain number of turns, during which they can neither attack nor be damaged. She drops a pair of Airy Sleeves after the battle.


Spells Skills
Wind Talon Cyclone Waltz
Celestial Swap Sonic Sabre


Brie does her duty, but has a greater sense of justice than most Space Police Officers. She is daughter of General Knucklestorm, a former of Space Police Officer.


The disk on Brie's back is pink and heart-shaped, as opposed to other officers with a round, gray disk. She uses a rapier as a weapon, wears white gloves, and white boots with purple stockings. What little other clothing she wears is pink (red in her facial portrait). Her hair is blonde, although it is mentioned by some officers that she may have dyed it.

Name OriginEdit

Brie is a soft and creamy cheese. Pourri may come from "Potpourri", which is a mixture of things such as pinecones and tree bark that creates a pleasant scent, or it may originate from the French word "pourri", which means "spoiled" or "rotten".

Fan Art Edit

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