"Cool and sometimes a little aloof, Sorbet uses her water magic to show off her sparkling intelligence."

Sorbet (シュガー Shugaa) is a student of water magic attending Will-O'-Wisp Academy. She is a friend of the protagonist, and a student in Madeleine's class. She is the last member to join the protagonist's party.

Appearance Edit

Sorbet is a teenage girl with pale skin, blue eyes and curly light brown hair that goes down to her shoulders.

She wears a red, blue, and white headband with a geometric pattern on her head, and a coordinated short blue dress, blue gloves, and blue boots with a lighter colored stripe down the middle. The shoulders, ends of the dress, and the tops of the boots all have white ruffles adorning them.

It's uncertain if the gloves are actually part of the dress or not, as the upper halves of her arms are covered by the ruffles. In her official artwork, the blue details appear more sea-green, and her eyes are purple.

Many fans have speculated that her design is a nod to Candy Mintblue from Magical Vacation, who dresses similarly.

Personality Edit

The intro to the game describes her as "cool and sometimes a little aloof", and she is shown to be quite intelligent and to have a strong sense of justice. She also prefers to be independent, often solving things her own way. Sometimes her actions can come off as confusing or even rude to others.

It's never confirmed nor denied, but she may or may not have a crush on Pico.

In Knight of the Universe, she makes a non-canon appearance and is the love interest of the male protagonist.


At the Academy Edit

Sorbet is first introduced as a friend and classmate of the protagonist. After hearing that Madeleine is to depart for Puffoon, she expresses worry for her teacher. She trains with the protagonist after being summoned to the meditation room, and at first she believes that they are also going to space with her -- something of which that she seems quite excited about.

Three months after Madeleine's departure, she and many of her classmates are worried about their teacher. When Lassi disappears, and she hears that Pico and Chai are attempting to find her, she chases after them to make sure that they don't make fools of themselves. She accompanies the protagonist and Mokka in the storage closet, and examines each room with great curiosity and is eager to learn more about the secret rooms of the academy.

After the player and Lassi depart the academy in their rockets, she and the others chase after them in the remaining pods.

Reunion Edit

Sorbet is first seen outside of Will-O'-Wisp Academy on Gren, and seems to be eager to attempt to save the kidnapped mages from the Pirates. With the help of the player, Pico, and the rest of their party, she fights her way through Assam, and eventually she reaches the ship of the pirates. While the player is fighting the Peacock Fish, she makes an escape on their ship.

On Razen, she is seen with a group of Enigmas running about the Jalapeno Wastelands. It is presumed that she has created a false affiliation with Master Kale in an attempt to save Miss Madeline by kidnapping Celadon. She joins the protagonist's party after being left behind by Kale.

Learnable MagicEdit

Spells Skills
Hailstorm (Level 1) Slap
Fresh Drop (Level 20 or under)
Absolute Zero (Level 26)
Sparkling Shield (Level 48)
Sorbet can also learn the miscellaneous spells, including Brawly Ball, Celestial Swap, High Art, and Comet Shower.

In the field, one can use Sorbet's water magic in order to wash Gummy Worms of their holes. In addition, her magic is used in a few scripted events.


  • Sorbet is based off of a character from the canceled manga series, Magical Vacation: Knight of The Universe, named Sugar Ronsanu.
  • Her English name is taken from the dessert of the same name.
  • Many fans speculate that Sorbet is either related to, or simply a reference to a character from the prequel named Candy Mintblue.
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